In loving memory of my father, Henry Glassberg.

Throughout time man has striven to achieve one special goal.  In this day and age we can ultimately call it the American Dream.  I am very proud to say that my father lived that dream.  He was the American Dream personified. 

My father lived for his family and his friends.  He achieved, and surpassed all of his goals while being the most wonderful husband, father and grandfather. 

My father has left his brilliant image in our hearts and minds, a warm glow that will remain with us forever.  He carved a path in life that future generations will surely follow.

The joy we maintain in having my father as a part of our lives overwhelms the sadness we feel at this time.  This is a time to celebrate his life and thank God for giving us such a man.  My father lived a great life, he had a perfect wife and he left with no regrets.  I believe that is what makes the ultimate person. 

Dad, we all love you, and we miss you.



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